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I'm stronger, faster and can spell
just look at me ★
9th-Aug-2011 10:10 pm - watchin' shit .. 111611
homosuck → tinkervriska
don't mind me, just trying to keep track of shit I'm watching/supposed to be watching/planning to watch.

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9th-Jul-2011 12:17 am - cr chart testing~
homosuck → tinkervriska
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23rd-Jun-2011 01:45 am - one sentence prompts
animorphs → dreams
pretty sure i've been spoiled by plurk; you're not supposed to post to your lj every couple hours but w h a t e v e r

GIVE ME PROMPTS, and a pairing/character/whatev, and i will write a sentence for you. as many as you want, but i don't promise they'll all get done. i'm not a machine like kia. (unsure)
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